Floating chatbot
Hiring Fee
$ 49
per month, per active hire*
$ 199
per month, per active hire*
Pre vetted1
Monthly retainer2
Protected payments3
NDA paperwork included4
Real-time communication
Minimum Hourly Rate$20/hr$50/hr
Slack Integration
Microsoft Teams BotComing SoonComing Soon
Messenger BotComing SoonComing Soon
Unlimited File Storage
Kriya milestone Fee5%3%
Dedicated project manager

*Per active hire = There will be a recurring charge every month per each hire that remains active in your project.

1. Pre vetted = All talent on Kriya has been vetted by our proprietary matching AI with 99.9% accuracy. You can read more about it in our


2. Monthly retainer = In an effort to respect and protect the talent’s time, we compensate them with a portion of the hiring fee.

3. Protected payments = We use a secured vendor, Stripe - the new standard in online payments.

4. NDA paperwork included = All projects created on Kriya include a mutual NDA. Please read the rest of the terms