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Get Pre-vetted Contractors

Our A. I. systems vet the quality of the talent before you connect with them. What does it even mean? It means they are ready to work without any interview. Read case study

Save Time

No more waiting, you connect with our talent instantly. Our in-house legal systems and A.I. bot recruiter ensures that your conversations, files, and IP are fully protected.

Save Money

Create milestones and save money. You can instantly come to an agreement and we have escrow systems in place that ensures your protection.

Our Mission

Connecting workforce to make work happen

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Polygon, Delighterr, Liquid through, BoostVC, Organic Marketing, etc.

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"Silicon Valley Startup Drives Down
The Cost & Frustration Of Getting To Beta"

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"The new concept, combining AI to the workplace."

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"Had a great experience!"

Michael McAllen
Co-Founder of Grass Shack Events

"This is the future. Period."

Vamsi Thatha
Co-Founder of Polygon Inc

"It's delightful!"

Baker Nanduru
Founder & CEO of Delighterr