Workforce As A Service (WaaS)

WaaS enables companies to hire remote knowledge workers in real-time. This increases team efficiency and productivity by 1000%.  Kriya WaaS platform has two AI assistants that will help you access our vetted talent network. Get Started below!
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Trunks helps companies hire vetted, remote knowledge workers that integrate with your team on-demand.

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Leo helps anyone become an entrepreneur through a five-month journey by matching with experienced remote teams that helps launching a company.

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The first A.I. assistant that hires remote workers

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"How we Built a Viable Company in 6 Months — Without Hiring a Team"

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"Travel Blog Redesign"

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"Market research for a new product"

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"We are instantly matched with a sales team"

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"Medical reporting software"

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"The Premier Platform for Event-Based Matchmaking.  One of our matches became my CTO"

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"Joy - Digital marketing assistant for small businesses"

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"Premium mixed reality. Backend Architecture"

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"Anonymous dating on messenger. Logo and rebranding"

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"Galatea Design. Full-stack Engineering Help"


"Had a great experience!"

Cuy Sheffield


"This is the future. Period"

Vamsi Thatha
Co-Founder of Polygon Inc


"It's delighful!"

Baker Nanduru
Founder & CEO of Delighterr

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"How enterprises are using Kriya AI Assistant In the remote hiring process"


"Founder of Kriya AI - Ravi Vadrevu"

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"Version 1 of Kriya AI"